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Italian inspired, Canadian made

Mateo Magazine: What inspires you when you are creating fashionable designs for women?
Cheri Milaney: I get inspiration from many different sources; from fabrics and textures to my trips to Italy where I have experienced the culture and the history.

MM: For this year’s collection what was your inspiration in your choice of fabrics and designs?
CM: The inspiration behind the collection was all about manipulating of fabric through gathering and ruching to create interesting drapes and silhouettes. I used a lot of light weight chiffons and transparent knits to achieve this affect.

MM: How long have you been designing and where did you get started?
CM: I’ve been designing for many years but I formally started about 10 years ago.

MM: You have travelled to many places, and I have been inspired by your travels, what country is the most influential to you? I love traveling and I find inspiration with every place I have traveled. Is there a favorite place that represents the woman that you are designing for?
CM: My biggest source of inspiration would be Italy as I travel there regularly. Fashion is very much an integrated part of their culture and I like to bring a part of that back when I design for the women here in Canada.

MM: Trends are always supposed to be what is happening at this very moment in fashion. Do you think designers such as yourself follow trends or are you inspired by what is being worn on by women on the streets of Canada or Europe?
CM: I think it’s very important to be aware of what the trends are but as a designer you have to translate that into your own vision and your own signature.

MM: You recently expanded into the fragrance industry with a few great scents such as Ametista and Topazio. How does fragrances and fashion work together?
CM: I believe fragrance is the finishing touch and sets the mood and the tone for that day, occasion or mood. My fragrance collection is all part of that. Celebrating the women I design for and their many facets.

MM: Would you say your travels to Italy has influenced your collections or have in the past?
CM: Yes, designing is all about passion and articulating your vision. I find Italy to be a very passionate country the Food, art architecture and history. I always aspire to incorporate that passion for the women I design for.

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