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Embrace your individuality

Nothing pleases me more than seeing someone style a Milani Cultura piece in their own individual way. I love how one lady might choose to layer a tunic over a slip dress, another might opt to cinch it in at the waist with a belt, and another might simply team it with a pair of jeans. It’s all about adding your own spin and experimenting to find a look that flatters your figure and suits your personal taste.

You see, I don’t design clothes that only a stereotypical 6ft tall, size 8 model would wear. Throughout the whole design process, I imagine a variety of ladies wearing and styling my collections in their own unique ways. And it is for this very reason that when showcasing my designs, I make a point of choosing a diverse selection of models – real women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

I first launched my ‘real women’ campaign back in 2009 at Toronto Fashion Week and it was a ground-breaking moment – no other designer at Toronto Fashion Week had ever selected such a wide range of models, and the result was a truly empowering and emotional experience for all involved. That was 10 years ago, and although a great deal of progress has been made in the fashion industry since then, there is still a long way to go.

My ethos is that each Milani Cultura collection should reflect the women who will wear them. Promoting just one look – the stereotypical 6ft tall, size 8 model – doesn’t reflect my brand, and I believe it creates an unrealistic reflection of women in general. Afterall, the average UK woman is 5’3” tall and a size 16. I believe all women deserve to look and feel good about themselves, and I’m passionate about helping women achieve just that.

So here’s to every woman that has ever worn Milani Cultura by Cheri Milaney. May you embrace your individuality and continue to style each garment in your own unique way. Because whatever your size, shape, or personal taste, I assure you, you wear it beautifully!

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