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Cheri Milaney

Edinburgh, Scotland

Miliani Cultura by Cheri Milaney is one of the most exquisite Italian made fashion design houses, established in 1999 during the time of the millennial mayhem. Milani Cultura was founded by Cheri Milaney, whose design house is inspired by the Italian way of living. A pioneer, she was one of the first artists to feature “REAL” women in all manner of shapes, sizes and colors on the runway. Cheri has earned a reputation as a revolutionary and an award-winning designer.

Cheri is greatly committed to producing unique, contemporary high quality designs. With a real passion for luxurious textiles she loves to create complete looks by combining fabrics of various textures, colours and prints. Custom designed Italian print silks are paired with luxurious Italian knits. Cheri’s infatuation with fashion is wonderfully woven all through her clothing collections.

Another passion is creating designs that flatter all kinds of body shapes and sizes and easily transition from day to night. Offering 100% Italian made luxury designs Cheri hopes to inspire all women to get in touch with and celebrate their styling personas.

Cheri loves to engage with her customers. She feels it’s important to fully understand your needs and personality so she can help style in a way that is unique to you. So please feel free to get in touch with her as she would love to hear from you!

Italian Inspiration
for women who embrace Italian lifestyle
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