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Rubino is one of my personal favourites. If you are a fan of Italian perfumes or cotton scents that are vitally alive and almost ‘watery’ or juicy with fragrance, any one of the Cheri Milaney quartet will appeal.

Award winning designer Cheri Milaney takes inspiration from Italian style and loves creating clothes with sexy romantic touches. She was one of the first designers to feature ,real, women of all shapes and sizes and colours on the catwalk.

I first met Cheri when I was lucky enough to be part of her photo shoot, she is such a lovely lady and is really passionate about fashion and her clothing range. It was such an exciting day and I loved being able to try a lot of the pieces on. Her clothes are so different and unique and yet easy to wear. Obviously after trying so many of the outfits on I couldn’t help but be tempted into buying some of them…….actually quite a few of them 😊 I know when I wear her clothes that nobody else is going to be in the same outfit. Her range is amazing, creative and stylish – what’s not to like!

I can’t describe how much I love the scents of Milani Cultura. I have had the pleasure of smelling them all and I would be happy to wear all of them or give them as gifts. Beautiful scents without being over powering, and stunning bottles. My personal favourite is Perla, the only negative is my 7 year old daughter has also fallen in love with it so I need to share!

Cheri Milaney has a unique style, reflecting in all of her designs which enhances our feminine curves. I love her collections. When I’m wearing anything from the Cheri Milaney collection, I feel instantly feminine! I don’t feel I’m wearing anything! the fit is perfect and I always feel a sense of freedom and confidence!

Being the grateful wearer of at least a dozen of Cheri Milaney’s unusual fashion pieces, I always look forward to viewing each new outstanding collection. Her distinctive designs made up of lovely materials, provide striking yet versatile outfits – a great investment. Highly recommended!

Pip! Pip!

My mood often dictates my day to day look from the way I wear my hair, whether I opt for jeans or a dress, even my scent profile changes on a regular basis. Changing up my perfume can really reflect my mood and my entire style, that’s why I am so excited about Cheri Milaney’s new Facet Fragrance Collection.

Cheri Milaney’s designs are timeless and definitely investment pieces. Her cut is exquisite. I have been buying her designs for several years and always look forward to seeing her new pieces. Everytime I wear one of her designs I always get compliments so I keep adding new pieces to my waredrobe!

Cheri is very easy to work with and she always suggests that I try on pieces that I would never think of and they always work! I love that she doesn’t blindly follow the trends but really puts herself in the customers shoes and understands what fit is all about. I really love the way she mixes different patterns and textures and pairs them together.

I’m a size 16 and I feel like I’m a size 14 when I put Cheri Milaney designs on. They are so flattering! I also love how flexible she is to work with. She has really helped me to be more expressive and confident.

Milaney made a splash as a featured designer at the Olympic fashion show in Turino. She courted controversy and won fans at the Toronto Fashion Week when she sent 22 ‘real women’ down the runway ranging in age from 25 to 60 years old and from size 2 to size 14.

I have recently purchase some Cheri Milaney’s designs and I cant say enough! I love them. The fabrics are sumptuous and of the highest quality. My husband said they look better than anything I’ve ever worn!

Cheri Milaney designs are timeless. I’m so happy wearing them, they always bring me compliments on my Designer.

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