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Cheri Milaney perfumes and colognes

Cheri Milaney perfumes and colognes

Cheri Milaney is a fashion designer based in Vancouver, Canada. She began her career very early, and in 1999 she launched her first Pret-a-Porter collection. She is known for using quality materials from India and specific details that are produced in Italy, though her clothes are mainly produced in Canada. The Cheri Milaney label has been distributed through the finest boutiques in Canada and the United States, as well as The Bay, Canada’s most established and recognized department store. She was accepted into one of the most prestigious trade shows in New York.

Cheri won the Matinee Fashion Foundation Award, Canada’s most prestigious fashion award. She also boasts an impressive list of international shows including: Ningbo International Fashion Week (Ningbo, China, 2002); Torino Olympic Fashion Show (Torino, Italy, 2006); Vancouver Fashion Week (Vancouver, 2004, 2008, 2009); Toronto Fashion Week (March and October, 2010).

Her first fragrance collection, launched in 2009, is named “Facetes”. The perfumes are named after the Italian words for different gems, having worked with perfumer Giovanni from Naples.

The Cheri Milaney Facets Fragrance Collection was inspired and made in Italy with organic essential oils. Cheri believes that a woman’s personal style and scent are a reflection of who she is. To celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of all women, she developed not just one, but a collection of fragrances to suit various lifestyles and the diversity of occasions in a woman’s life. They are aptly named after gemstones to celebrate multi-faceted women and to reflect the natural beauty and quality of the fragrances.

Cheri Milaney is a new fragrance brand. Designer Cheri Milaney has 4 perfumes in our fragrance base all launched in 2009.

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